Fenomenon is Kjetil Ingebretsen and Håvard Rosenberg from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. In 2000, they signed with London label Nuphonic, and released two critically acclaimed EP's before Nuphonic was suddenly liquidated. Tracks from the two Nuphonic EP's appeared on numerous compilations and playlists, making Fenomenon a household name in the international nujazz/downbeat scene.

For a few years, Fenomenon laid low, busy working on their album and remixing both Norwegian and international acts, and production work for Lisa Shaw (Naked Music/Virgin). A new 12", Lucy Said, was released on Hi Fi Terapi autumn 2003, showcasing their new style of upbeat broken beats mixed with smooth and jazzy vocals. Again, putting Fenomenon on playlists around the globe.

Fenomenon then signed with Beatservice, and the debut album "Hourglass" was released in 2004. The album was well received around the world, and the band had several great live-shows on various Norwegian festivals in 2004, such as the Molde Jazz Festival and the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, making an ever lasting impression with their white British tennis style outfit on stage...!!

Style wise still in the broken beats/nujazz area, the debut album was a fairly electronic sounding album. But for the new album, Fenomenon have again included the band more in the recording process, making the sound richer and more organic. And style wise, although you still hear the echoes of nujazz and broken beats, they are now moving into soul and funk! Kjetil Ingebretsen is singing on every track, and he has pushed his voice into his best performance ever!

The new album "In Stereo" is schedued for september 2005 release. And finally, all of the tracks from the Nuphonic EP's pluss more will be featured on a full length album - the "Pacific Memories - the early tapes" album is scheduled for release May 2006!