Dario G is the name of a dance music trio from Crewe, Cheshire, England. The act was named after the manager of Crewe Alexandra, Dario Gradi. Its founder members are Paul Spencer, Scott Rosser and Stephen Spencer (the Spencers are not related), although Paul Spencer is the only remaining member of the trio.


In 1997 they reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart with "Sunchyme", a song built around a sample of "Life In A Northern Town", a #15 hit for The Dream Academy in 1985, and peaked at #5 with the follow-up "Carnaval de Paris", relating to the 1998 football World Cup in France.

"Sunchyme" also hit #1 on the American Hot Dance Club Play chart in that year. A less successful version of "Carnaval de Paris" was released in 2002, for the World Cup in South Korea and Japan. In 1998, they released their first album, Sunmachine.

In March 2000, their song "Voices", featuring vocals from Vanessa Quiñones, produced by Peter Oxendale, was used for the film, The Beach. The track was taken from Sunmachine, which was originally going to be titled 'Super Dario Land' according to the "Sunchyme" single.[citation needed]

In December 2000, Dario G released "Dream To Me", with vocals by Ingrid Straumstoyl, which is based on the song "Dreams" by The Cranberries. "Dream To Me" reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart in January 2001[1] and #9 in Germany later that year. It was also the second most played radio record in Germany that summer.[citation needed] November 2001 saw their next release, "Say What's On Your Mind". In early 2003, Dario G released "Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)", a remake of the 1980s hit, "Feels Like Heaven", by the Fiction Factory. It reached #32 in the UK Singles Chart.

Dario G also released an album called In Full Colour, which was available in Continental Europe, but not widely available in the UK.

Dario G remain an influence on the British alternative dance scene and in 2006 their 1998 album, Sunmachine, was named the ninth best album of the 90's by internet music site, Pitchfork media. Culturally, Dario G profoundly impacted 1990's British society and were notable in the rise of New Labour aswell as championing hometown Crewe's 1996 Olympic Games bid. More recently the work of Dario G has been incorporated into the sets of acclaimed electronic duo Pipe and Slippers.

Recent times

A single "Ring of Fire" was promoted throughout Europe in 2006. It borrowed the main trumpet melody from the Johnny Cash recording of the same name. It was played at England's pre-World Cup friendlies in May 2006. The single itself was released in September 2006. The songs "Voices" and "Sunchyme" have been used as background to some BBC Television shows.