David Cassidy (Дэвид Брюс Кэссиди) родился 12 апреля 1950 - американский актер, певец, композитор и гитарист.

Cherish (1972)
Rock Me Baby (1972)
Dreams are Nuthin' More than Wishes (1973)
Cassidy Live! (1974)
David Cassidy's Greatest Hits (1974)
David Cassidy Forever (1975)
The Higher They Climb (1975)
Home Is Where the Heart Is (1976)
Getting It In The Street (1976)
Romance (1985)
Greatest Hits Live (1986)
David Cassidy (1990)
Didn't You Used to Be? (1992)
Old Trick New Dog (1996)
David Cassidy's Partridge Family Favorites (1998)
When I'm a Rock 'n' Roll Star (1998)
Then and Now (2001)
A Touch of Blue (2003)
David Cassidy Part II - The Remix (2007)

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