Kim Appleby Don't Worry

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In no time you'll be fine Don't worry.

Don't worry... don't worry.

You met a guy he said he was your lover
he said he loved you like no other
told you that you were the only one
how could he say that when he's having so much fun
now he says you're making him said
how he says that when he treats you so bad
now he's gone left you for another
you're not the first you now discover

Don't you cry you'll get by you'll be back
on your feet in no time you'll be fine don't worry
you got hurt you got heard you're not the first
your heart aches it won't last it will pass don't worry

Don't waste your time thinking of the past
love like that it could never last girl
don't you know things happen for a reason
it's meant to be just like the change of seasons
you're not to blame don't you feel so bad
he was the one who was making you sad,
now he's gone left you for another
it's for the best you will discover


Standing all on my own love will never be the same without him
trying hard to be strong how can I go on now he's gone

Don't worry... don't worry...

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