Композиция была издана на альбоме «America: The 10th Album» в 2001 году

Last Exit To Brooklyn Modern Talking

Композиция была выпущена на сингле «Last Exit To Brooklyn» в 2001 году

Last Exit To BrooklynModern Talking

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Текст песни Modern Talking — Last Exit To Brooklyn

I cannot sleep The night is young
I cannot eat I want some fun
I pick you up Rout 66
Life gives me the kick
I cannot live I love this life
I cannot die Can i survive
I cannot breathe Without your love
I can't get enough

It's the last exit to brooklyn
New York City, always is waiting
He's a new york boy,he's a party guy
Baby let's dance,and have some joy
West coast,east side ,that is the place where
New York,L.A. i wanna live there
New York City boy,L.A. party girl
Baby let's dance, in a brand new world

4-6-0-1-East avenue
Why does my heart,beats just for you
I cannot give, you more i'll give
Baby please forgive
I cannot tell, you thousand lies
I have the love,right in my eyes
The night is young,i want your heart
baby can we start

Repeat Chorus

Hold on baby baby hold on
party up party up party up
baby party up

Repeat Chorus

It's the last exit to Brooklyn